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DocLite is a tool to generate multi-page html documentation from a single, simple XML source document. The documents produced are intended to be similar in style to the Linux HOWTO documentation (or other DocBook generated documents).

DocLite is a single Python script, which should run anywhere Python 2.0 or greater is available

The XML format is extremely simple consisting of a handful of page/contents formatting tags, in addition to the XHTML used to create the document.

The idea is that anyone with a passing knowledge of HTML and an XML aware editor should be able to produce reasonable documentation, complete with contents page and navigation links, with the minimum of effort.

The documentation for this project was written using DocLite, and the source XML for the documentation is included in the download as an example.

DocLite is Copyright (c) murlen 2003, and released under the Gnu Public License.

Contact me if you have specific licensing needs that cannot be met within the GPL as I may be willing to amend the licensing for specific projects.


The latest version of DocLite may be downloaded as a gzipped tar file, containing source and documentation from

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