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by murlen

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Advanced Usage

Additional tags

There are two additional tags that can be used to give additional structure to the document these are the subsection and entry tags. The subsection tag creates a new (indented) top level entry (like a page entry) in the contents page. No text is added to the page itself (unlike with the page or section tag). The entry tag creates a new contents page entry (using the mandatory name attribute as the text). It places an anchor tag in the current page, but no other text - leaving that to the user.


This is a Demonstration of the subsection/entry tags - view the document source to see how they have been used, and look at the contents page to see how the subsection has been added.

Tips & Tricks

Most of these tricks assume a bit more knowledge of XML.

The normal:

&gt, &lt, &quot etc. can be used to escape characters that would otherwise cause problems for the XML parser.

CDATA sections can be useful to format text that would otherwise require to many escapes, however it does make the source look untidy.

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