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by murlen

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What is DocLite?

DocLite is a simple documentation authoring system, it produces multi-page HTML output (like this document) in a style similar to that found in the Linux HOTWTOs or other DocBook created documents.

DocLite processes a single XML file into a number of separate HTML pages, it also creates a contents page that contains links to the various topics within each page. The idea is to produce usable documentation with the minimum of hassle

As it's name suggests DocLite is considerably simpler (although much less flexible)than the DocBook format. It is intended to make producing documentation simpler, without there being much of a learning curve for the user, all that is needed is a basic knowledge of HTML.

The HTML format created by DocLite is also ideal for downloading onto handheld devices, such as the Palm Pilot, using software such as Plucker.


DocLite only requires Python (version 2.0 or greater). On some systems Expat may also need to be installed, as this is required by Python's SAX module - however this is already in place in most distributions.


DocLite is a stand alone Python script that can be run using the same technique as any other Python script on your system. On a Unix like system the script can be made executable, but you may need to edit the first line to contain the full path to your installation of Python . It defaults to /usr/local/bin/python . Under Unix the command which python should give you this information.

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