Using DocLite

by murlen

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Running DocLite

Basic Usage

DocLite is typically run by issuing the command: path_to_doclite_xml_file

This results in the XML file being processed, creating a number of files in the current directory. The contents page is created as index.html and each page of the document itself is created as page[nn].html (where nn is the page number). A css file (called stylesheet.css ) is also created.

Command Line Parameters

There are a number of command line options that can be passed to DocLite do alter the way it operates these are:

-h or --help Displays basic help

-c or --contents filename changes the name of the contents file to filename (instead of index.html)

-b or --basename name changes the name of the base filename for pages to be name [nn]+.html (instead of page[nn].html)

-l or --license Displays the license summary

-n or --nocss Disables the creation of the css page and stylesheet links in document

-v or --version Displays the version

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